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Product Details for Rio Health: Acai Vegicaps 500mg 2:1 extract (120)

Rio Health: Acai Vegicaps 500mg 2:1 extract (120)

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Rio Health: Acai Vegicaps 500mg 2:1 extract (120) available online here

Contains antioxidants
Naturally contains anthocyanins
Natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids & Omega 6 & 9 EFA's

Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) naturally contains different antioxidants - in particular a group of actives called anthocyanins.

Açaí is a dark purple berry that is the fruit of a wild palm that is native to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. In Brazil and elsewhere Açaí fruit is commonly mixed with manioc and consumed as a pulp drink. The juice has also become popular in the U.S. and in Europe where it is frequently served in juice bars.

Açaí berries are naturally rich in anthocyanins or ‘O.P.C.’s - the antioxidants that give red wine grapes, pomegranates and many other purple or red foods their colour.

Other nutrients found in Açaí berries include plant Sterols, Omega 6 & 9 Essential Fatty acids, many vitamins and minerals and amino acids. Açaí's high nutritional value and antioxidant content have it a popular (food) supplement.

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